How to Keep Your Yard Free Of Mosquitos?

Mosquitos are most active during the summer months. However, this doesn’t mean that they are not active during other times of the year. These flying insects are considered the most dangerous pests because of the diseases and infections they can transmit between humans and pets. From Malaria to the West Nile Virus to encephalitis, these pests can spread many life-threatening conditions. Effective mosquito control in Atlanta, GA is important to keep your family and employees safe and protected from these potential threats.

While hiring professional mosquito control is one aspect of the job, you can also take certain steps to stop the problem from getting out of hand. Here are some of the steps you can take to achieve this.

1. Destroy Mosquito Larvae& Eggs

Mosquito spray for the yard in Atlanta, GA is effective in killing not just adult mosquitos, but also their eggs and larvae. Killing mosquitos without taking this step will not yield many results. The problem will continue to persist. Standing water is the common breeding area for these insects. They can lay eggs and have larvae in even a tiny amount of water.

2. Maintain the Yard

Yard maintenance is also an important step in mosquito control in Atlanta, GA. Make sure the shrubs are trimmed and the lawn is properly mowed, periodically. Keep in mind that these insects aren’t the best of flyers. They like to stay hidden and shielded from the wind. During the daytime, mosquitos tend to rest in tall grass or bushes.

3. Remove All Standing Water

Removing standing water is important to prevent larvae from turning into adult mosquitos. Look for all kinds of objects that can hold water. This includes:

  • Trash
  • Tires
  • Toys
  • Piles of leaves
  • Furniture

Take measures to ensure that no item in your yard holds water. If it is not possible to do so, remove such objects, or replace the water regularly. You may also use a larvicide as a measure for mosquito control in Atlanta, GA. This can help destroy all the larvae in the standing water. If you are not sure, seek the assistance of a professional mosquito control service.

These insects can reproduce even in water that can fit a tiny bottle cap. So, you should remove water from all types of objects, ranging from wheelbarrows to water toys. There can be outdoor gear that can easily catch water after rain. It is also important to regularly check your drain lines and gutters to clear them of any debris. Branches and leaves can clog these features and cause water pooling.

It takes only 4 days for mosquito eggs in water to mature and turn into nymphs. So, you cannot wait a week after a rainfall to remove standing water.

It is recommended to follow these tips to clear standing water or prevent it from building on your yard:

  • Tie Up Any Tarp: If you have tarps on your property for covering a boat, firewood, or grill, tie them up tightly to prevent hanging. Else, rainwater can pool in the folds. Ifit is impossible to pull the tarp tightly, make sure it is removed and water is drained off every time it rains.
  • Turn Over Items: Turn over items like wading pools, buckets, and toys that hold water. These are items that you don’t want to throw away. Flip them over when not in use to prevent water from collecting.
  • Tip Over Containers: Tip over any container in your yard. Containers of all sizes create the ideal environment for mosquitos to hide and lay eggs. If you have dry containers that are not in current use, turn them over. There are many flying pests that drop their eggs in dry containers because they protect against the breeze. Once it rains, these eggs can hatch.
  • Clean Bird Baths, Fountains, & Water Gardens: Make sure to refresh the water in bird baths every few days. Install bubblers and filters in water gardens, fish ponds, and fountains to prevent mosquitos from settling and laying eggs.

So, you should remove all kind of standing water from your yard as a measure for mosquito control in Atlanta, GA. It is also important to water the garden just as much as is required. Overdoing it can cause water to buildup in different areas, creating a conducive environment for mosquitos to lay their eggs.

It is recommended to clear your yard of all items that may hold water and are not required. Even the type of outdoor lighting can play an important role in mosquito control. For example, some types of lights attract bugs and their predators. You can replace the outdoor lighting with opaque yellow bug lights. This can help reduce the number of flying pests entering your yard.

Hire Professional Mosquito Control Services

While you can take many steps for mosquito control in atlanta ga, you will require professional services during the summer. Such a pest control company can provide different services to take care of your mosquito problem. This includes mosquito spray for yard in Atlanta, GA that targets different stages of a mosquito’s lifecycle, including:

  • Killing mature mosquitos
  • Killing eggs and larvae
  • Treating all areas
  • Taking measures to prevent mosquitos from returning

Modern mosquito spray for yard in Atlanta, GA used by trusted services like Knockout Mosquito Systems are safe and fast. They can exterminate adult breeding mosquitos and their eggs and larvae. This can help you get a pest-free and clean space. These treatments also help in getting rid of other types of flying pests.

Mosquito Trap Systems

You can also have your mosquito control company install mosquito trapping systems on your property. These unique systems for mosquito control in Atlanta, GA kill adult mosquitos and their eggs. They also prevent these pests from laying more eggs. Once these systems are in place, the flying pests will not be able to enter or thrive in your yard. These traps work by attracting mosquitos by using a special fluid.

Mosquitos have the power to interrupt your comfort and convenience. You should seek professional pest control company help while also taking precautions to stop these pests. The right experts can install systems that address your unique mosquito problem.

If you need more information about the range of services provided by Knockout Mosquito Systems, it is recommended to call us at 478-334-5136.