How Does Mosquito Fogging Service Work?

Mosquitos are bad news for your home and business. Every year, there is an increase in instances of mosquito-borne diseases. They are also known to be harmful to pets. There are over 150 species of the insect in North America. All households and businesses suffer from a rise in the population of mosquitos. Professional mosquito fogging in Atlanta GA services from reputed companies like Knockout Mosquito Systems acts as a strong deterrent to this problem.

Find out how mosquito fogging service benefits your home and business and how it works?

How Does it Work?

Fogging is a method used to simultaneously kill large numbers of mosquitos. An insecticide is dispersed into an area through tiny droplets of mosquito spray for the yard in Atlanta GA. The method of dispersing the droplets into the air is known as fogging. Specially designed equipment is used for the purpose. Adult mosquitos are instantly killed when they come in contact with the droplets that linger in the air.

When you hire a professional mosquito fogging service, the experts will use a tank to blow an approved insecticide. They will target the following areas:

  • Under the vegetation and leaves
  • Cool and dark areas
  • Ground cover

The mosquito spray for the yard in Atlanta GA will kill any mosquito that comes in contact with it. It will dry off and create a layer on the branches and leaves that repels various insects. This further helps prevent flying insects from entering your yard.

It is important to choose a service that uses EPA registered compounds, as they are deemed both effective and safe. It is important to ensure that kids and pets stay inside during the spraying process. They should be kept indoors for at least 30 minutes after the application.

Residential Benefits

There are many benefits of monthly mosquito fogging in Atlanta GA for your home. 

  • Your backyard area and yards will become free from mosquito and other flying insects
  • Professional fogging is safer for humans and pets than using in-house remedies
  • Helps prevent mosquitos from spreading diseases like malaria and encephalitis in your home or neighborhood

The right mosquito control services can help protect your loved ones from a wide range of diseases spread by these insects.

Benefits of Mosquito Fogging for Businesses

Everyone requires protection from mosquitos. This includes the people working in a business establishment and the customers visiting the premises. So, if you have a business you should hire the services of professional mosquito fogging in Atlanta GA services. 

Mosquitos can potentially spread more types of diseases in a business place, as more people congregate in such places than in homes. Some of the common mosquito-transmitted diseases are caused by viruses known as arboviruses. Some of the examples of such viruses and diseases include:

  • Eastern Equine Encephalitis
  • West Nile Virus
  • Yellow Fever
  • Dengue

Professional mosquito spray for yard helps in protecting everyone who comes in contact with your business, including your staff, customers, and vendors. The use of safe, approved compounds helps prevent any side effects.

There are different ways in which your business benefits from regular fogging services.

i. Improved Productivity

Whenever your employees have to stop work to deal with mosquitos, it will take them longer to complete their tasks. They will have to switch between tasks. According to studies, switching between tasks can cause up to 40% loss in productivity. 

The modern workplace is already affected by a wide range of disruptions. Mosquito fogging services can at least take care of one type of threat to your organization’s productivity.

ii. Improved Employee Health & Safety

It is easy to understand how mosquito fogging in Atlanta GA can help improve employee health. Mosquito control can also help keep your staff safe if they have to engage in jobs that can potentially cause injuries or damages. 

There are many activities that require a high degree of concentration. This can include operating machinery and high-precision tasks. Interruptions by these pesky insects can increase the risk of injury. Thus, mosquito fogging helps create a safer environment for your employees.

iii. Build a Positive Impression

If you have customers visiting your business, you would want them to spend more time at your premises. This can mean getting to know your business and products more, making buying decisions, or negotiating contracts. If your premises have a mosquito problem, it will become easier to repel more customers more quickly. Fogging can contribute to creating a positive impression and growing your business.

When you invest in mosquito spray for yard services, you are creating a comfortable and safe environment for everyone. It shows that you care about your staff, customers, vendors, and visitors. People will feel that they matter to your business.

Is Mosquito Fogging Safe?

Professional mosquito control companies use the right concentration of compounds in fogging so that they harm only mosquitos and insects of small size. The concentration is too small to cause any harm to humans, plants, and animals. As already mentioned only approved chemicals are used to ensure optimal safety for everyone.

Typically, odorless chemicals are used. So you or your visitors will not detect any signs of fogging in the air after the applications. Interestingly, you are at greater risk of being harmed by the insect itself than fogging. 

Why Monthly Mosquito Fogging?

When choosing mosquito spray for yard in Atlanta GA plans, it is recommended to select monthly fogging solutions. They are ideally suited to the budget and time limitations of most homeowners and business owners. They can be perfect for you if you are in need of the following services:

  • A few months of mosquito control in place of a full year of service
  • A quick fix for a mosquito problem
  • Prefer making small payments instead of a single and large upfront payment
  • Don’t need permanent and automated systems


While everyone hates mosquitos, they are here to stay. They can not only thrive in arid and humid conditions, they can also be found in colder areas. This includes attics and basements. The right mosquito fogging service provider should offer services that ensure optimal eradication. You should be able to seek tailored services depending on the degree and complication of your mosquito problem. It is recommended to choose a licensed pest control company like Knockout Mosquito Systems that has been in the industry for a long time. You can reach us today for more information by calling us at 478-334-5136.