Mosquito Misting Systems Stop Spreading Malaria

In areas where malaria is wild, Mosquito Misting saves lives, specially treated mosquito misting. These machines have played a critical role in reducing malaria spread in endemic regions.

The number of global malaria cases reached around 219 million malaria annually, and more than 430,000 people die from the disease — many of them children. 

It sounds counterintuitive, yet Mosquito Misting would stop the transmit Plasmodium falciparum (P. falciparum), the parasite that causes malaria, by killing the mosquitos safely and quickly. 

What got us excited is that it also noted that the Automatic Mosquito Misting System has the most significant impact in areas with the greatest levels of mosquito pesticide resistance.

Stoping mosquito breeding is an excellent way to prevent disease transmission. It’s a simple yet powerful technique that protects people from mosquito bites and is friendly to the environment. 

Let’s know more about misting systems.


What is misting systems?

Misting systems, also known as “mosquito misters,” are systems designed to spray pesticides in the form of mist to kill mosquitoes and other outdoor insects. Mosquito misting systems include spray nozzles positioned around a fence’s edges in the lawn or backyard or any house parts. The spray nozzles are attached with a tube to sprinkle insecticide. Some misting systems also come with a timer, remote controller, while others may be activated using a switch. 

These systems are actively working on mosquito control in mosquito prone areas and keep the place safe and clear by killing the pests at a time. As it repeatedly releases pesticides, which restrict the birth of mosquitos and other pests and reduces the chances of spreading malaria.


How Automatic Mosquito Misting System Kills Mosquito to Stop Spreading Malaria? 

Mosquito Misting Systems is the best device to get rid of mosquitoes and other flying pests and make sure that they never come back.

We installed a mosquito misting system in particular areas of the yard that are the most common hotspots of pest breeding. You can set the timer when the misting system sprays pesticide toward the air to kill mosquitoes and prevent them from breeding and stop them from spreading malaria. The mosquito misting system moves periodically from a tank, much the similar way a sprinkler system does. 

Knockout Mosquito Systems’ mosquito control services are the best way to kill mosquitoes and prevent them from breeding. Our expert professionals will design the perfect system based on your requirements that can be easily integrated into your space. Our innovative automatic mosquito misting systems release 2-3 meter sprays automatically throughout the day. The mosquito spray will kill all mosquitos and their eggs and will remove all infestation entirely.

The team of Knockout Mosquito Systems works closely with you to design the setup that suits your space, whether it is a lawn, pool, backyard, or in a summer house. We can set up our systems anywhere you want. Our hands-free system will do its job automatically while you are enjoying your coffee in your yard. 


Benefits of mosquito misting systems include:

  • Automated release of pesticides
  • Repeated treatment
  • Modest design
  • Remotely controlled
  • Automatic refills from Mosquito Squad
  • System fills
  • All-natural solutions available
  • System upkeep and care
  • Pressure checks
  • Safe for animals

Is Residential Mosquito Misting Safe?

All of our automatic mosquito misting system techniques are safe for animals, people, grasses, and ornamental plants. Available in processed or all-natural versions. Misting system sprays are usually adequate for a couple of hours after each spray. Most systems are programmed to sprinkle pesticides several times a day. We have designed our systems to last a lifetime.


Why Choose Knockout Mosquito Systems For Mosquito Misting System?

At pest control company Knockout Mosquito Systems, our team installs the mosquito misting system at an effective cost. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee that’s the reason our systems come with an extended warranty. If your system goes wrong for any reason, we will fix it for free. In our maintenance plus program, you will find repair services set fee. Yow will hardly encounter any difficulty using our misting system; still, we are just a call away if you need any assistance.

Our Mainatnce services include:

  • Pressure checks to ensure the system is working effectively.
  • The system fills, so your misting system works uninterruptedly.
  • General cleaning and repairs.

Our misting systems also kill other flying pests to make your homes clean, safe, and insects free.

The trouble is mosquitoes suck. The list of mosquito-borne diseases looks like a long menu that you do not want to order, including malaria, dengue, Zika, West Nile virus, and others. Of course, not all mosquitoes are the same. Different species can carry different illnesses. So it’s good to stop breeding before they cause any life-threatening disease in your family. Contact us now!