Mosquito Trapping System in Atlanta, GA

Knockout Mosquito Systems knows how inconvenient mosquitos can be, which is why we’ve dedicated ourselves to getting rid of them and stopping them from multiplying. Mosquitos and other flying pests can be incredibly irritating, particularly in the summer months when you want to have the windows open to let the fresh air in, but don’t want bugs in your home.

For homeowners who are plagued by occasional unwanted flying visitors, our mosquito trapping system is a great solution.

Best Mosquito Killers in Atlanta, GA

Drawing on our extensive experience eradicating mosquitos from the Atlanta, GA area, we’ve created an effective and safe mosquito trapping system. Similar to a mouse or rat trap, the mosquito trap catches mosquitos and kills them, while at the same time chemically castrating them and killing any eggs they may be raising. Female mosquitos can lay around 100 eggs a day, and reproduce regularly, so killing the eggs and removing their ability to breed is just as important as killing the adult insects.

Our traps help to kill not only the adults but also the eggs and reduce the mosquito’s chances of laying more eggs before they die. As a result, when you use our mosquito traps, you can quickly get rid of any opportunistic mosquitos and keep your home clean and comfortable. They won’t be able to come in your home or yard and disrupt your life again, and as their eggs are gone, their offspring won’t be coming to terrorize you either! The mosquito trapping system works by enticing mosquitos in with the promise of a refreshing drink. Once the mosquito enters the trap, it comes into contact with baited water. The water is not toxic to animals or humans, so your kids and pets will be safe if they get tempted to drink the trap’s water. For mosquitos, the water contains enzymes designed to control their population and stop them from breeding. These enzymes bind to the mosquito’s legs when it leaves the trap, and when the mosquito returns to its breeding ground, it will spread to its eggs.

Within 24 hours, the host will be dead, as will its future offspring. The water from the trap will spread onto surfaces that the mosquito came into contact with, helping to control the mosquito population not only in your home but also in the surrounding area. So, when you use one of Knockout Mosquito Systems’ traps, you’ll not only be protecting your property but your whole neighborhood too. They won’t be able to return to your home or breed more mosquitos to come and annoy your family, meaning you can start enjoying your home again. Each trap can taint multiple mosquitos, so it won’t be long before they disappear from your neighborhood completely.

Finest Indoor Mosquito Trap For Your Home

For some homeowners, our indoor mosquito trap systems might not be the best solution, which is why we’ve developed a range of services to suit every customer. If you have a substantial infestation, then our mosquito fogging service can fully eradicate them and get your home back to the comfortable sanctuary it was before the insects descended. For a long-term, hassle-free solution, we also offer mosquito misting systems that will keep mosquitos and other flying pests away throughout the year.

Atlanta Mosquito Traps for Indoor and Outdoor

Whatever solution you choose, we’ll always give you the best possible customer service and aim to tailor each option to your individual requirements. There isn’t another mosquito control specialist for indoor and outdoor mosquito traps in Atlanta, Georgia region that is as committed to pest control as Knockout Mosquito Systems. We’re so confident in our solutions that we offer every interested homeowner in the Atlanta area a free estimate. Just get in touch with us, and we’ll provide you with a non-obligation assessment and quote.