Mosquito Trap Helps To Kill Mosquito Eggs

Many homeowners and businesses require something different from insecticides and repellants to take care of their mosquito problem. Mosquito traps, when installed and positioned properly, can not only kill adult mosquitos, they can also eliminate mosquito eggs. Find out how these unique mosquito control solutions from Knockout Mosquito Systems can help take care of the mosquito problem on your property.

How Do Mosquito Traps Work?

Mosquito traps help by reducing the number of mosquitos and the risk of getting bitten. They also have a huge impact on the number of mosquitos breeding. A typical female mosquito is capable of producing tens of millions of offspring in a single season even after losing 75% of the eggs and larvae to various factors. So, fighting the mosquito problem makes it so much more important to kill the eggs. This is where these mosquito control systems have proven to be highly effective. 

The mosquito trapping system is based on the natural tendency of female mosquitos to get attracted to heat and carbon dioxide. It can use one or more of the following three factors of attraction to draw these insects:

  • Heat: Mosquitos are attracted to the bodily heat emitted by humans and animals.
  • Chemistry: These insects are drawn to carbon dioxide, lactic acid, and various other chemicals created by humans.
  • Sight: The insects are also attracted to movement. Any movement to mosquitos is a sign of a living creature.

These insects are drawn to humans because they send out the right signals. 

A typical mosquito trap uses a system that produces carbon dioxide, moisture, and heat, and uses another attractant to draw the insect. 

The trap lures the insect by offering a drink. When it enters the trap, it comes in contact with the liquid. Professional mosquito control in Atlanta GA companies use unique materials that are safe for human or pet contact. The liquid comprises special enzymes that prevent mosquitos from breeding, resulting in controlling their population. The enzymes get attached to the legs of the insect, allowing them to spread to the eggs. The insect and its eggs die within just 24 hours. 

The mosquitos will carry the liquid and spread it wherever they go. Thus, the liquid spread onto all the surfaces the insects come into contact with. This helps control the mosquito population not just on your property, but also in the surrounding areas. Once a mosquito comes in contact with the trap, it will not be able to return to your property or breed. Soon, most of the mosquitos will vanish from around your home or business.

These mosquito control traps don’t only take care of the existing mosquitos, they also reduce the chances of more eggs being laid. Thus, the future mosquito population is also brought under control. They prevent adult mosquitos from thriving in your yard and disrupting your life. Since the eggs are also gone, you can expect to see a dramatic decline in their population.

Benefits of Mosquito Traps

There are many reasons why mosquito traps make much more sense for your home or business. Some of the noticeable benefits include:

  • Non-Toxic: The right mosquito control in atlanta ga services use liquids that are non-toxic for honey bees and other helpful insects. The liquids do not attract bees like they draw mosquitos. Mosquito traps can help kill mosquitos without interfering with the process of pollination in your garden. Since they are free from pesticides or insecticides, you can have peace of mind. Many people don’t feel comfortable with the use of chemicals, even when modern solutions are human and pet-safe.
  • Long-Term Mosquito Control: When well-planned and properly installed, mosquito traps work as long-term control systems. This is because they work by getting rid of not just adult mosquitos but also their eggs. Besides, they also prevent the insect from breeding.
  • Adaptation-Free Operation: All insects have a natural tendency to evolve and adapt to chemicals. This makes them progressively difficult to kill with the same types and strengths of compounds. This is not an issue with trapping systems. These systems work by attracting the insect with something they are naturally drawn to.
  • Simple Maintenance: Mosquito trapping systems are easy to maintain and affordable in the long-term. They require the addition of the attractant once in a while to keep attracting the insects. 
  • Immediate Impact: These systems work almost instantly. Once installed, you can have peace of mind that your mosquito problem is being taken care of. Within weeks the insects’ reproductive cycle gets disrupted and you will no longer have to deal with mosquito bites and buzzing. 

Besides being extensively used, mosquito control traps have also been proven in many research studies for their effectiveness. A unique thing about these systems is that they target female mosquitos, the ones that bite. This means that not all insects are indiscriminately targeted. Once installed, they work around the clock to reduce the number of mosquitos in and around your property. 

Mosquito trapping systems also give you more control over where and when you need mosquito control. You can determine where to install them during each season for optimal control. Most other systems are focused on killing adult insects. This system goes beyond that. It causes disruption in the reproductive cycle of the insect. Thus, it takes care of both the short-term and long-term mosquito problem. This reduces the risk of you, your family, employees, customers, and visitors getting bitten and falling ill. 

While mosquito repellants have their unique benefits, trapping systems offer some advantages. When you use repellants, you hope that mosquitos will not bite you. These mosquito control trap systems are, however, much more effective. Besides, they don’t cause any harm to the environment. There is no residue that gets left behind in your yard. And nothing seems into the soil. You will also not have to worry about your children or pets coming in contact with the liquid and suffering any harm. Besides, you can start using your yard right away after installation. There is no need to wait for the effects of an application to settle down.

Thus, there are many benefits of using mosquito control in Atlanta GA. They are highly effective in controlling these insects because they go beyond the concept of just killing the adult population. These systems also cause the destruction of mosquito eggs and reduce the potential future population of adult mosquitos. For more information about effective mosquito trapping systems call pest control company Knockout Mosquito Systems at 478-334-5136.